Civil Society Consulting CIC

We are a not-for-profit consultancy, supporting the not-for-profit sector in England. We are based in Southwark and Suffolk.

Our authentic and high performing team strives to strengthen the social sector – helping charitable organisations to survive and thrive.

Formerly Big Society Funding CIC, we formed a decade ago to bring our evaluation, fundraising, strategic thinking and design talents and expertise together; and to make a positive difference to the civil society and public square. Since we are now living in the most challenging times for civil society organisations, we re-configured our Community Interest Company (CIC) in 2020; as we move on from the pandemic and over the next decade we endeavour to help even more voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise groups be the change that they want to see in the world.

To get a feel for what it is we do and the services we provide, you can read about Our Work in Action and Our Initiatives. Or start off by watching our film:

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Mark: mark@civilsocietyconsulting.co.uk (07913 818838)
Natasha: natasha@civilsocietyconsulting.co.uk (07880558802)
Francesca: francesca@civilsocietyconsulting.co.uk (07931823391)

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