What we do

Civil Society Consulting is an independent, not-for-profit social enterprise – a Community Interest Company, which started life a decade ago under the name Big Society Funding CIC.

We aim to enhance community cohesion by enabling and empowering VCSE groups to leverage social impact in the communities they know and love. As well as providing a suite of services, this includes nurturing individual skills and talents. Our expertise includes:

  • Community engagement
  • Needs assessment
  • Impact evaluation
  • Communications
  • Social research
  • Policy
  • Training and mentoring
  • Fundraising
  • Strategy and operations.

We have a particular focus on working in the most socially deprived and diverse neighbourhoods. Properly understanding the needs people have, and then working alongside them to plan, develop and run services and projects is at the heart of our people-led approach to consulting.

We are academically-inclined, and keep a focus on the bigger picture: the strive for socio-economic equality and sustainability. At the same time, we believe our role is to promote change from the bottom up: our track record of working ‘hands-on’ with local grassroots organisations means we’re not afraid to get stuck in. 

Income generation

Some of our support is aimed at more financially fragile charities and community groups. Our business planning and income generation methods seek to build an organisation’s capacity. Our priorities are:

  • INVOLVING BENEFICIARIES to ensure that those with ‘lived experiences’ play a meaningful role in planning.
  • DEMONSTRATING THE IMPACT THE ORGANISATION IS HAVING in the community it serves. An external evaluation is a great learning tool for organisational development, as well as compelling evidence for funders.
  • EQUIPPING ORGANISATIONS WITH SKILLS to reduce their dependency on external help and the organisation’s sustainability.

What People Say

“CSC has been very helpful in assisting our funding proposals. They were very quick in their correspondence, very polite in their communication and always ready to help. Mark, their main consultant, was fantastic. I would rate them 10 out of 10.”

Kwame Twum-Boateng
House of Empowerment Coventry

“The team have been brilliant, and their support came at the right time for us, and it is lifeline to sustain the organisation at this difficult time of austerity.”

Zahra Ibrahim
Barking & Dagenham Somali Women’s Association

“Thank you for your invaluable strategic business development advice. All Ways Making CIC wouldn’t be here today without your initial guidance. We are so grateful to you for your input.”

Christine Birt
All Ways Making Community Interest Company

“Civil Society Consulting’s BNG legacy report was obviously the main catalyst for everything that’s come after (£3.5 million of funding), so many thanks for your contribution!”

Nick Collinson
Head of natural & Historic Environment
Suffolk County Council (Breaking New Ground HLF project)

“CSC’s COVID-19 briefing pack is incredibly useful on all fronts, a complete survival kit!”

Glynis Donovan
Executive Director
Redbridge Carers Support Service

“Things get done when Mark and James are tasked!”

Lauren Keeler
Partnerships Manager
The Prince’s Trust

“As a small charity working in a deprived area – funding is vital to carry out our work within the Community… we have been awarded a grant from the Big Lottery Fund which will enable us to or work for a further 5 years in and around two of the Northwest’s most deprived council estates. It’s without doubt that we as an organisation could not have done this without the excellent work by Mark and James.”

Nick Collinson
Head of natural & Historic Environment
Suffolk County Council (Breaking New Ground HLF project)

“Together Liverpool have been working with Civil Society Consulting CIC for nearly two years. We have valued their support and encouragement as we developed our funding strategy, business plan and began putting bids together. This work, from foundation to fruition has marked a significant stepping up for our charity. The outcomes have been outstanding – culminating in a successful national lottery bid of £160,000 that will help us create our Network of Kindness across the Diocese of Liverpool. Being part of this programme is a great opportunity to work alongside professional colleagues who can offer great advice. ”

Ellen Louden
Together Liverpool

Our code of conduct

  • Act in an anti-discriminatory, non–judgemental way in line with all the provisions of the Equality Act 2010
  • Listen to the voices of people with lived experiences, and those who often find themselves marginalised by society;
  • Act independently, without any conflict of interest, and seek to speak truth to power
  • Act in a professional, timely way, carrying out instructions with competence and proactively
  • Keep clients and service users well informed of progress and setbacks
  • Maintain confidentiality (see confidentiality policy for exceptions)
  • Offer independent information, suited to the organisation’s or service user’s comprehension, communication abilities and mental or physical health needs
  • Act honestly, warm-heartedly, generously and respectfully at all times

This policy is reviewed annually. The next review will be in June 2021.

Our doors are open

Contact Us

Civil Society Consulting CIC

8 Bryan House
Rotherhithe Street
London, SE15 5HB
Camperdown House
Suffolk, IP33 3DY

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