Story #4

Stitching a ‘Connected Quilt’ – Newham, East London & Nationwide

Campaign to End Loneliness’ former Executive Director, Kate Shurety turned her nimble fingers to creating a “Connected Quilt’ during the lockdown. She has a passion for sewing and creativity (she says ‘I am always looking for new things to learn!’), and decided to ask people to sew a word into a piece of cloth that they felt was personally important to them and gave them hope for the future. 

As she explains: “ I wanted an engaging way of bringing people together, and so far 39 people have sent me back their stitched pieces, and I am now stitching them together to make a Connected Quilt.” 

Alongside her independent consultancy work, Kate is involved with Civil Society Consulting and acting as one of the team’s major presenters for our book club. She is looking at now establishing a Connected Quilt Collective Sewing Group – this would be a regular online drop-in sewing club meeting to share conversations and sewing projects, with those joining in given the opportunity to decided what the project should be, what materials, imagery and themes. 

To contact Kate Shurety: 

Twitter: @KateShurety1

Her creative energies are documented on her Instagram account: @stitchinghour