Story #2

Safe Soulmates: companionship during lockdown

Based in Cambridgeshire, Safe Soulmates Community Interest Company helps adults with additional needs find and nurture friendships and romantic love in a safe way, free from online and real-life abuse.  

It aims, with the guidance and input of its members, to run a variety of social events (currently because of lockdown all online) to help Soulmates to build connections, resilience and, above all, enable people to have fun with other lovely people.  

As co-founder and director Vicky Baddeley explains:

“ We hope all of the social events we provide will impact positively on our Soulmates and help them become more self-assured and confident in all areas of their lives.  Safe Soulmates is also a one-to-one introduction service and, where there is the desire and opportunity for a romantic connection, Safe Soulmates will support this to develop in a positive way.

This last year has been a challenging time for many of us and we have seen many Soulmates pull together to support one another. Seven new couples began early in the pandemic and are still thriving.  

Amy and Stuart are one couple who started their friendship on Zoom, meeting to watch a film, both pressing play at the same time to watch, ‘The Greatest Showman’ and chatting and laughing on Zoom together.  Shortly afterwards they met for a physically distanced walk and they have been a great support to one another ever since.”

Stuart and Amy meeting for the first time

“ Many Soulmates are in Whatsapp groups together, happily chatting and when we were able to, we organised a variety of small physically distanced meet ups, so people could see one another in real life.

We met to play pool, to go for walks, and some Soulmates met for dates and new friends met for coffee and cake. The Soulmates family is thriving, though we are looking forward to the day when we can meet for a real life party! 

We have had meetings for quiz nights, quiet meet ups, women’s catch ups, a men’s mental health group, we host smaller groups (curry night for one group of friends); a cinema club, a poetry club with Poets In, keep fit and we are co-hosting a singles night on Zoom with Gr8mates in Bedford.”

Some wonderful Soulmates 

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