Steps to Sustainability

Steps to Sustainability: our emergency covid support programme scaled-up

When the pandemic struck the UK in March, Civil Society Consulting CIC wanted to support vulnerable communities as much as we can during this crisis. We reached out to the sector offering hour-long one-to-one surgeries online – free, and open to any struggling charities or faith groups. This went hand-in-hand with a briefing pack to the sector.

We found this was transformative to panicked community groups, and decided this was the most useful thing we could do for the sector and quickly changing environment of just a few months ago.

To date, we have delivered free one-to-one consultation surgeries to 42 local social action leaders. To lock in impact, we followed up with the appropriate number of hours of support – based on a checklist to implement the advice provided. 

The initiative received extremely positive feedback from struggling organisations and endorsement from other key players in the sector. It also brought into sharp relief our role in the sector. Many groups lack the tools, confidence and know-how to secure necessary funding. We have therefore been continuing to work with several BAME-led organisations up-and-down the country – including Ubuntu Multicultural Centre (Middlesbrough), London Sew Project (East London) and Ukon Careers (East London).

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to TNL Community Fund funding, we are now scaling up our crisis response. As of October 2020, Civil Society Consulting CIC is partnering with Strengthening Faith Institutions to revamp our crisis support initiative, with a specific BAME-focus – under the name ‘Steps to Sustainability’.

Steps to Sustainability is exactly what we stand for as a small, not-for-profit consultancy – both in its end goal and in the means for getting there. Our mission is to leverage social impact and community cohesion. We believe the best way to do this is to empower, enable and facilitate community organisations and social action leaders to serve the communities they know and love. Since this is exactly what Steps to Sustainability is all about, we see it as a flagship programme.

To learn more our about our programme please read our brochure. To learn more about where Steps to Sustainability is headed, please check out our Press Release. Download both below.

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