Together Middlesbrough & Cleveland: collaborative partnership

The levels of poverty in Middlesbrough are the highest in country, with the town now the top hotspot for absolute destitution. For many years, Together Middlesbrough & Cleveland (TM&C) has been tackling a wide range of social issues including poverty, loneliness, homelessness, food insecurity and other challenges faced by children and families. In November 2020, with fundraising support from CSC, the organisation secured a major grant from the National Lottery Coronavirus Community Support Fundto scale up its work, and they have now formed a collaborative partnership with us. 

Our consultancy support comes in the form of marketing, community engagement, and strategic support. With our help, TM&C have also secured a grant from Power to Change. This grant will be used by us to deliver Social Media and Income Generation webinars to local organisations in TM&Cā€™s network. During the pandemic, we noticed that many organisations lack confidence with using online platforms to engage audiences and beneficiaries; others may face operational challenges that prevent them from effectively fundraising. The webinars are designed to address these issues and support these communities. 

We are also evaluating TM&C as an organisation, assessing the impact of their activities and achievements, which will be useful for future funding proposals. Alongside this, we are providing communications and marketing support while helping the organisation to set up practices that will strengthen these functions in the long term. 

As a part of our partnership, TM&C have helped us source BAME-led organisations as beneficiaries of our Steps to Sustainability initiative. This includes Ubuntu Multicultural Centre, for whom we have completed a Community Engagement Survey.