Knife crime in southeast London: supporting the Youth Rally Mission

Youth Rally Mission was launched in 2007 when Isaac Attram, the father of a young, talented victim of knife crime and street violence, set up the organisation. Driven by his faith, he founded Youth Rally to enable young people to develop their talents and a sense of belonging. They now run an after school project and other workshops to provide a clear alternative to street crime. Youth Rally were referred to CSC by Near Neighbours Co-ordinator. 

Since the intensification of the government’s coronavirus containment measures, Youth Rally’s partner schools have been concerned that not enough is being done to keep young people ‘on the right track’ – and the irreversible damage that this period of disconnect could have. To deal with the immediate aftermath, and to prime the students ready to resume their personal development effectively when school restarts, young people need support with COVID-specific challenges. Whereas they would normally channel action through schools, Youth Rally identified that now is the time to work with parents and families.

CSC helped Youth Rally Mission to: (1) refine their programme design to channel support through parents and families, (2) communicate their existing achievements and good positioning in the community, and (3) create a compelling proposal and budget for the required funding.