Climate Action: Community & Faith Leaders Network

The time is urgently now – to see what we can all do as climate action activists and leaders in the communities in which we live. To generate an emboldened eco-centric heart to our faith and community activities, services and projects.” 

Mark Ereira-Guyer, Founder Director, Civil Society Consulting CIC

That’s why as part of #COP26 and the National Lottery’s ‘Together for Our Planet’ we’re setting up a CLIMATE ACTION – Community & Faith Leaders Network designed to inspire and develop local climate actions in diverse communities – especially with already identified Community Champions as part of the partnership Steps to Recovery programme.

We’re seeking participation across all faith communities and the civil society sector, getting the views, perspectives and above all, fresh climate action ideas to realise in local community settings.

Please register your interest and give us your feedback here.

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The Network is designed to inspire and educate leaders from community and faith-based civil society organisations on what actions they can take, and crucially, how they can co-create and lead on community-led initatives where they live.

To encourage, embolden and strengthen community leaders in the network to take climate action, we are running:

  • Three major idea-packed online webinar sessions in 2022, with key inspiration speakers to provide practical examples and showcase community-led climate action projects.
  • Onsite and practical learning designed to future stimulate climate action understanding and foster on-the-ground partnerships between environmental action charities and community leaders.

The Climate Action Network Launch will take place on the 2nd February, 2022. To start, we will be in discussion with environmental campaigners and authors Rupert Read and Jem Bendell; then. from 15.30 onwards move onto to learn more about what faith & community leaders and social entrepreneurs are doing across the country to tackle climate action in their communities.

Find out more and sign up here:

The Network is financially supported by the National Lottery’s Community Fund: Together for Our Planet.

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