Mark’s Interim role with European Network on Religion and Belief

We’d like to congratulate our Founder Director, Mark Ereira-Guyer on his successful appointment as part-time interim Director at the European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB).

Mark’s long experience of human rights, social justice and refugees’ issues will be an asset to ENORB. Along with his knowledge and skills which helped develop our flagship programme “Steps 2 Sustainability’ and progressed into the successful ‘Steps 2 Recovery’ programme– we are proud to see him use his talents to further the development of ENORB.

As a membership-driven organisation, established in 2010, European Network on Religion and Belief (ENORB) strives to provide a civil society platform of different religions, beliefs and convictions to facilitate dialogue, solidarity and promote the rights and freedoms enshrined in the Articles of the Treaty of Lisbon 2008 and the EU Charter on Fundamental Rights. 

ENORB aims to work collaboratively and in partnership with faith, belief and anti-racist based civil society organisations and their leaders to combat community harms, racial and religious discrimination, hate crimes; and to promote stronger, safer and more resilient community responses, and strengthen mutual understanding and harmony in the field of Religion and Belief. 

We are excited to see Mark’s experience with ENORB amplify the work that Civil Society Consulting CIC does in supporting and strengthening civil society and faith-based organisations; and we anticipate lots of partnership and collaborative working opportunities.


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