East Timorese Association Peterborough (ETAP): Successful launch of ESOL programme under Steps to Recovery

Munashe Munyukwi

The East Timorese Association Peterborough, founded in 2010, is a community organisation designed to support and raise awareness of the local Timorese community. Based in Peterborough, ETAP promotes social cohesion through tackling isolation and encouraging community integration. 

When ETAP was on-boarded to CSC’s Steps to Recovery initiative in June, their biggest challenge was to develop and offer an ESOL class to the Timorese community which they serve to help them integrate into their community and the wider community in Peterborough. ETAP provides various projects e.g. Zumba classes, football sessions, women’s groups and many more, which aim to help the local Timorese community come together and build connections within their community however, they are socially isolated from the wider community in Peterborough often due to the language barriers they face.

After our initial consultation, we agreed on a five-point action checklist to support ETAP with its long-term sustainability:

1. Assist ETAP to configure an ESOL programme for the Timorese community in Peterborough

We identified and discussed various ESOL programmes with ETAP and the organisation was keen to run a Creative English programme- a drama-based, holistic approach to language learning. We connected ETAP with a Creative English coordinator and a meeting was arranged providing in-depth information and guidance so they could create a programme aligned with ETAP’s work.

2. Co-produce a community engagement survey

In July, we co-produced a community survey that measured the impact of ETAP’s work on the community they support. The survey also aimed to collect experiences and views from the community regarding learning English to help ETAP shape their services for the future and gauge support for the development of the Creative English Programme the organisation wanted to run. The survey achieved 35 responses from ETAP’s beneficiaries.

3. Co-produce an impact report

Drawing on the community survey results and secondary research, the CSC team produced an impact report to evidence the need for ETAP’s services and evidence it’s achievements and effectiveness. The report also highlighted a need for an ESOL programme, specifically the Creative English Programme that ETAP wanted to run. This report has been submitted alongside funding applications. 

4. Co-produce a funding application to Local Connections Fund

In August, we co-produced a funding application to the Local Connections Fund that proposed the Creative English Programme they wanted to run for the Timorese Community. The programme aimed to encourage friendships, help learners to understand culture and how to access wider community services, which in turn increases their sense of belonging. ETAP were successful in their funding bid and were awarded a grant which they have started to roll out their Creative English Programme to the Timorese community in Peterborough.

5. Co-produce a beneficiary film

We have agreed to support ETAP to put together a short film of their beneficiaries who are currently on the Creative English Programme they have rolled out, to demonstrate the impact it is making in their lives once they have completed the programme.

As we near the end of our time working with ETAP, we are confident that they are in a strong position to continue supporting their community: the impact report means they have a strong evidence base to apply for funding, and the beneficiary film once completed will be able to support them to further demonstrate their impact and apply for funding in the future. 

Francesca, Director of CSC comments:

“We’re so proud to have supported ETAP to secure funding to deliver ESOL classes for the Timorese community in Peterborough, building on our  experience assisting with the flexible and organisation-friendly Creative English programme. ETAP is a high-impact organisation that is highly reactive to the community’s needs – and this is felt in this particular endeavour. We wish ETAP every success in the successful delivery of this programme.”

Mark, Founder Director of CSC comments:

“It’s really pleasing to be co-creating such positive outcomes with ETAP, and to see them make such strides towards improved engagement within the communities of Peterborough, secure funding and crucially evidence their amazing impact and success with their beneficiaries.”

Mark, Founder Director of CSC and Celso Oliveira, Coordinator of ETAP

Celso Oliveira, Coordinator of East Timorese Association Peterborough comments:

“[Through S2R] we have been supported and successful [with Local Connections Fund for] ESOL classes funding. Also, we’ve been supported [with] the ETAP Impact Report document. I think this is wonderful support. Really appreciate your help and support.”

Celso Oliveira, Testimonial

About Steps to Recovery

Through our Steps to Recovery programme, we are delivering pro-bono consultancy support to civil society and faith organisations serving ethnic minority communities to boost their post-covid recovery, and contribute to their longer-term sustainability. The support is individualised, according to the organisation’s priorities, and outputs are co-produced. With the support, they can better serve the communities, whose needs they understand and care about. We deliver Steps to Recovery in partnership with Strengthening Faith Institutions/Ostro Fayre Share Foundation, thanks to funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. 

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