Our Covid-19 Briefing Pack to the sector

Mark Ereira-Guyer

James Baddeley

27 Apr 2020

We’ve generated this free briefing package to help civil society and faith organisations involved in social impact work move forward in these difficult times. Download it below.

The briefing includes:

1. A summary of the immediate impact of Covid-19 on the charity and faith social action sectors;

2. A summary of key funders’ reactions; plus a table of the latest list of funds available to help with crisis support;

3. Suggestions for both short and medium-term strategic and operational thinking and planning in the wake of Covid-19;

4. A hands-on message of hope from our team – five tips on resilience.

As many of you will know, Civil Society Consulting is a relatively small organisation. Nevertheless, through our wide-ranging knowledge and experience, we are very well-equipped to support you. And rest assured that we will do whatever we can to do so, both during this crisis and throughout the immediate recovery period; drawing in additional freelance consultants to support our efforts as required.

From a quick free chat on the phone or via e-mail so that we can lend a hand on a particular matter, right through to carrying out paid fundraising or other support, we are here to help and will be very happy to hear from you at any time on any basis. If we think we can help you we will make sure we do.

We plan to update this briefing on a regular basis over the next six months, so if we don’t talk in the meantime, here’s wishing you all the strength you need to triumph through these testing times – to help sustain your organisation and so you can achieve maximum impact in the communities you serve.